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Dedicated To Exhibition Budgerigars.


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2017 ANBC Head Markings


How Much is a Budgerigar Really Worth? - By Jim Calder

ANBC Guidelines for Budgerigars travelling to and from the National Show
Vitamin D Sick Bird Breakthrough - by Don Burke
SQBBA would like to thank Don Burke for allowing us to reproduce this article.

A focus on the Black Eyed Self Colour variety - by Wayne Cusack
Interview by Marilyn Harrington and Warren Wilson.
courtésy of the Budgerigar Society of New South Wales Inc

Interview with Peter Dodd
Interview by Jean Painter, photographs by Nola Bradford.
courtésy of the Budgerigar Society of New South Wales Inc

S.Q.B.B.A. Standard Colour Schedule (Effective 1st January 2012)

The Standard

Sex-Linked Varieties
To assist you in your breeding programme

Code of Ethics for the Keeping and Trading of Birds
Animal Welfare Code Of Practice
Colour Variety Pictorials
Colour pictorials of budgerigars - courtésy of the Australian Budgerigar Society Inc.

Breeding Expectations
A variety of tables set out to show breeding expectations.

Banding Exhibition Budgerigars
The banding of Exhibition Budgerigars for shows.