The Interclub and Preselection Show was held on Sunday 18 th May at the Lawnton Showgrounds.
Judging commenced 5 minutes late at 8.35 a.m. Colour Class judging was done in an order to keep the selectors judging on a rolling basis. At 12 noon the selectors were given a 15 minute break as there were only 4 classes left. Judging was then completed at 1. p.m. The team left the hall by 1.45 p.m. and were settled into the holding cages by 3. p.m. The birds were all given spark, fresh seed and hulled oats. All birds settled well lights out at 7.30 p.m.

My thanks to all those who helped in organising and running the show, especially D. Richardson who did a wonderful job with the catering , Jean Horrobin and the Sedgewick family for all the computer work. The judges and selectors for a great effort and the stewards for all their running around.
A special thanks to all the exhibitors who supported their clubs and in doing so supported the SQBBA, providing some great birds for the SQ team at the Nationals.

Carers attend to the birds and some preliminary preparation done. Discussion on birds in team said to have upside down tails, Decision as what needed to be done left till Tuesday. Discussion on the need to upgrade the Zone carrying cage due to the increase of the number of birds next year. Ed Layt , the vet arrived to do faecal tests and take crop samples.


Carers start preparing birds. Reserve Lutino, Fallow and cinnamon not required and returned to owners Excess secondary tail feathers were removed from the Dominant Pied and Lacewing. Double Factor Spangle not in condition and reserve brought in. All birds sprayed. Further despotting done. Crested with a lot of spots on crest was given a head wash but discolouration due to excessive crest spotting remained. Grey cock has feathers on right side of chest turning out but spraying should alleviate problem. Results of vet visit, one bird showing absolute minimum megabacteria , vet states that this is due to the stress of the situation and in his opinion not of due concern. All other birds clear.


Yellowface has head covered in blood , washed and broken pin feather removed. Birds given another spray. Further despotting done. All birds eating well Tail of yellowface soaked in boiling water to straighten. Not successful and steam iron used successfully.


Birds appear well Further preparation done. All given another spray. No major problems seen at this time.


Aviary lights on at 4.30 a.m. Some birds seen feeding in the next couple of hours. Birds caged up at 7.00 a.m. and to airport at 7. 30 a.m. Arrival at venue at 12.00 p.m. and birds placed in holding cages . Lacewing has small blood spot on head and yellowface tail bent once again. Host Zone provides seed and millet sprays and birds given Spark.

COMMENTS:- The format we used this year appeared to be a success as the time factor was overcome and the differences between colour class judging and selection of team in most situations was very close.
There were some complaints on the day which 1 am sure will be forwarded to SQBBA in writing, I can only hope that they will be addressed in a constructive manner without redress to shouting and verbal abuse.
Hopefully we can go on to bigger and better things if we try and work together with positive not negative thoughts.
We need to build a new team carrying cage to accommodate the extra birds that will be in the team next year and in the future.
The team flew back to Brisbane on Monday 26th and were picked up by Jack Hackshall and distributed to their owners. Many thanks Jack, as I was then able to attend meetings and enjoy a week up in the sunny north
Yours truly,
Peter Lane (Show Manager)